Cyclopam tablet uses,substitude,price,and side effect

Cyclopam Tablet is an antispasmodic, usually prescribed to relieve stomach or intestinal cramping. It helps individuals suffering from irritable bowels syndrome. Women suffering from period pain, cramps, painful menstruation can consume it to find some relief. Composition of Cyclopam tablet Paracetamol ( 500mg ) + Dicyclomine ( 20mg ) Cyclopam Price and Manufacturer Cyclopam price […]

Cheston Cold Tablet uses, Composition, price, doseg and Side Effect.

Medicine Description Cheston cold tablet is a  combination drug that’s used in the treatment of common cold and related symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itching, cold, throat pain, etc..  Cheston cold tablet uses in comprised decongestants and also an analgesic/anti-pyretic. It is a combination tablet with three active ingredients namely Cetirizine, […]


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