May 11, 2019

Cyclopam tablet uses,substitude,price,and side effect

Cyclopam Tablet is an antispasmodic, usually prescribed to relieve stomach or intestinal cramping.

It helps individuals suffering from irritable bowels syndrome. Women suffering from period pain, cramps, painful menstruation can consume it to find some relief.

cyclopam tablet

Composition of Cyclopam tablet

Paracetamol ( 500mg ) + Dicyclomine ( 20mg )

Cyclopam Price and Manufacturer

Cyclopam price in India Rs 45.00 ( 10 tablets in one strip )

Manufacturer: Indoco Remedies ltd

Cyclopam Uses

Cyclopam uses Tablet is an antispasmodic, usually prescribed to relieve stomach or intestinal cramping.

It helps individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Women suffering from period pain, cramps, painful menstruation can consume it to find some relief.

Thus, it reduces the muscle strain in the gastrointestinal tract.

 It Comprises Paracetamol and Dicyclomine as its most essential ingredients.

These components of Cyclopam, are discovered to be successful in the treatment of inflammation, pain and muscular spasms in the stomach.

Fever- The medicine includes antipyretic properties that aids in a temperature reduction of the human body. It contains paracetamol which helps in relieving strain.

Headache: Cyclopam tablet also known as Inflammatory tablet it also uses in Headache, Muscular pain and Cold

Treatment of irritable bowel. Hence, it is prescribed for Intestinal cramps. Therefore, this medicine is beneficial in treating irritable bowel

Joint Pain: This medicine is effective in supplying relief from joint pain due to arthritis or injury issues.

Ear Pain: This assists in the treatment of ear pain which is caused because of infections, or any kind of injury.

Flu: Cyclopam exhibits anti-inflammatory property which assist in relieving Flu.

Toothache. It also uses in toothache pain

Menstrual cramps: Cyclopam shows anti-spasmodic property and so prescribed For menstrual cramps.

It’s successful in relieving menstrual cramps.

Mensuration pain or periods of pain– Periods pain is caused because of the contraction of the uterus which is because of the synthesis of prostaglandin.

Thus, medicine is recommended for this condition.

General Cyclopam is prescribed for the Following Conditions:
• Headache
• Menstrual pain
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Fever
• Cold
• Toothache
• Abdominal pain
• Joint Pain
• Stomachache
• Intestinal cramps
• Ear pain
• Flu
• Fertility
• Peptic Ulcers
• Abdominal cramping
• Motion sickness
• Irritable bowel disease
• Arthritis
• Periodic Spasms
• Inability to control urine
• Ear pain
• Catarrh
• The dose of the drug should be followed as per the instruction health professional Before Using Tablet.

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cyclopam tablet,cyclopam uses

Cyclopam Dosage

The usual dosage prescribed is up to 80 mg in total per day, which needs to be taken in 4 portions.
The dose of the medicine may differ from person to person because it ultimately depends upon the intensity of the condition, age of the individual, gender, any ongoing drugs, and medical history of the individual.

The dose of Cyclopam contributes to kids should be strictly according to the physician’s prescription Or Advice.
Cyclopam Has varies Doses form

Cyclopam Tablet
• Cyclopam Suspension
• Cyclopam Drop
• Cyclopam 10 mg Injection

  1. Cyclopam Suspension has two Compound Dicyclomine (10mg) +Activated Dimethicone / simethicone (40 mg )
    Cyclopam Suspension is two combination medicine: Dicyclomine and Activated Dimethicone/Simethicone. Dicyclomine is an antispasmodic that works by relaxing the muscles in your gut and gut (intestine).
    Cyclopam Suspension Prevents sudden muscle contractions (spasms), thus relieving abdominal cramps and pain. Activated Dimethicone/Simethicone is an antifoaming medicine that disintegrates gas bubbles and permits easy passage of gasoline.
  2. Cyclopam Drop has contain Dicyclomin ( 10 mg ) + Activated Dimethicone / simethicone (40 mg )
  3. Cyclopam injection has Dicyclomin ( 10 mg)

If you miss a dose, then take it as soon as you, but if you are getting closer to the period of the following treatment, then you shouldn’t take the missed dosage.

If you do that, the overdose can result in additional complications, and you’ll need a physician’s assistance for sure.

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Substitute Of Cyclopam tablet

Medicine Manufacturer
Colimex tabletWallace Pharmaceuticals Pvt
Dcmol 20mg/500mgUnison Pharmaceuticals Pvt
Spasmak 20 mg/500mgAlkem laboratories ltd
Trigan tabletCadila pharmaceuticals ltd
Dolospas 20mg /500mgIntas Pharmaceuticals ltd
Nicospas tabletAbbott
Spasmak Y 20 mg/ 500 mgWin Medicalre Pvt Ltd
Spasmed 20 mg /500 mgZydus Cadila
Lupispas Plus 20 mg/500mgLupin Ltd
Cyclop 20 mg /500mgMicro Labs Ltd

Cyclopam tablet Side Effect:

Cyclopam may cause Some side effects, based on the clinical conditions, drugs being absorbed, age, etc. of the individual. These variables usually differ from patient to patient.

Listed below is a possible list of side effects that the Cyclopam may lead to. It’s essential to consult a doctor about the dosage of the medicine before you start taking it.

  • · Dizziness
  • · Drowsiness
  • · Dry mouth
  • · Stress
  • · Excitement
  • · Nausea
  • · Lethargy
  • · Vomiting
  • · Feeling of sickness
  • · Dryness
  • · Confusion
  • · Constipation
  • · Blurred vision
  • · Weakness
  • · Decreased sweating
  • · Nervousness
  • · Headache
  • · Heatstroke
  • · Lightheadedness
  • · Mydriasis
  • · Palpitations
  • · Abdominal discomfort
  • · Swollen facial attributes
  • · Tachycardia
  • · Boost in intraocular pressure
  • · Urine retention
  • · Urine hesitancy
  • · Insomnia
  • · Delusions
  • · Short-term memory reduction
  • · Psychosis
  • · Incomprehension
  • · Coma
  • · Gesticulations

The Listing mentioned above of side effects isn’t exclusive. There may be other side effects too.

The event of any unwanted side effects, a physician ought to be consulted With no delay. Also, in case of side effects, The Tablet ought to be substituted Using a suitable substitute or dose ought to be adjusted.

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Expert Advice Cyclopam tablet

· If you get diarrhea while taking this medication you need to stop taking it and consult your doctor.

· Dry mouth has occurred side effect.

· It may lead to dizziness, drowsiness or visual disturbances. Use caution while driving or doing anything that needs concentration.

· Avoid consuming alcohol while taking this medication as it can cause excessive drowsiness and increase your chance of stomach problems.

· Do not take it together with any other medicine Containing paracetamol (drugs for pain/fever or cough-and-cold) without Asking your doctor first.

Store Of Cyclopam

Cyclopam tablet and Cyclopam Suspension should be kept at temperatures below 30ºC or even 86ºF.

· It needs to be stored away from moisture and light.

· The medication should be kept away from the reach of kids and pets.

· If the medicine has surpassed the expiry date then it needs to be disposed of properly.

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Disclamer : The contents of the are for informational purposes only and not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis,or therapy.   Please seek the advice of a doctor or other qualified health provider with any questions that you might have about a medical condition. Don’t disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you’ve read on this site.
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