Monkeypox Sighn & symptoms

Individuals with monkeypox get a rash that might be situated on or close to the privates (penis, balls, labia, and vagina)

monkeypox get a rash  could be on different regions like the hands, feet, chest, face, or mouth.

The rash will go through a few phases, including scabs, prior to recuperating.

-The rash can at first seem to be pimples or rankles and might be agonizing or irritated.

Other symptoms of monkeypox can include:

– Fever – Chills – Swollen       -   lymph nodes – Exhaustion – Muscle  aches and   backache – Headache

 Sometimes      have people  flu-like symptoms      before the rash.

 Some  people get a rash first and followed by other symptoms..

– Others only experience a rash.

Consult your doctor immediate like this symptom